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Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

A collection of 50 easy-to-make Christmas crafts with an appealing Norwegian flair Instructions, full-size patterns, and color photos cover stuffed dolls and animals, wreaths, cloth ornaments, stockings, pillows, gift wrap, greeting cards, wall hangings, and traditional edible treats
Full Description

Offers gift ideas and inspiration for displaying projects 
Includes instructions for simple craft techniques--sewing, embroidery, appliqué, and embossing--all at a beginner's level

"A wonderful collection of crafts that you'll love making, displaying and giving this Christmas season. These Scandinavian Christmas crafts are sure to make your holiday season picture perfect!" 
"Almost every project in this book will fit in with any holiday tradition. . . No matter where you might be in your 'crafty skills'--beginner to advanced--you will find projects you will love to make!"

Table of Contents

A White Christmas 4
Some Good Advice 6
Techniques 7
Winter Wreath 10
Large Cornucopia 12
Snow Angel 14
Christmas Mailbox 18
Welcome Angel 20
Folded Bags 25
Soft Hearts 26
Large Plywood Heart 30
Heart Pillowcase 31
Christmas Doll with Present 32
Coffee Warmer 34
Egg Warmer Bag 36
Heart Picture 37
Pot Holder 38
Kitchen Towel 39
Checkered Christmas Kringle Bag 40
Christmas Kringle 41
Angel Picture 42
Wooden Bead Hearts 42
Candy Canes 44
Ice-Scraper Mittens 45
Snowmen and Christmas Trees 48
Plywood Christmas Trees 51
Hanging Lights 52
Framed Embroidered Motif 54
Brown Pillow with Embroidered Tree 56
Personalised Cornucopias 58
Cute Gift Ideas 60
Mini Christmas Trees 63
Christmas Stockings 64
Window Hanging 66
Stocking Ornaments 68
Winter White Cornucopias 70
Christmas Mouse 72
Candy Gift Bag 74
Wooden Gingerbread Man 76
Soft Gingerbread Man 78
Christmas Seedcake 78
Cookie Cutter Bag 80
Mini Cornucopias 82
Christmas Crackers 83
Plywood Angels 84
Christmas Tree Ornaments 87
Christmas Tree Skirt with Bag 90
Gift Wrapping 91
Cloth Gift Bags 92
Christmas Cards on a String 94
Christmas Card Holder 96
Gift Tags 99
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar 100
Christmas Day Gift Bag 102
Door Wreath 104
Small Wooden Hearts 106
Acknowledgements 106
Patterns 107