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Creating Faces + Create with Paint DVD

Creating Faces Have you ever fancied having a go at creating a face? Or perhaps you would like to try a different style of face? Running Time: 177 mins. Create with Paint Trish Latimer is our guide on this inspirational journey as she shows us how to use paint to create some fantastic and very individual artwork.
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Full Description

There are so many ways to create a mixed media face. Sketching, fine detail, realistic portraiture, whimsical proportioning of the features… the list can go on and on!

In this programme, four designers will share with you, in real time, just how they create a face in their own unique way. Watch and learn how to sketch out a face, how to add in features and then colour! With a multitude of techniques ranging from line drawings, to watercolouring and detailed paint shading, each artist will take the viewer through their process from start to finish.

Why not have a go, try out all the different techniques demonstrated, and then develop your own style of creating faces!


Section One: Projects

Trish will take you step by messy painty step through the process of creating three projects. A canvas, a cardstock tag and a pair of wooden arches all get the Trish treatment as you watch in real time! As she works, she will share a myriad of tips and tricks on applying paint, and how to achieve that all-important texture. Watch how all the smearing, sponging, stencilling, printing and stamping with vibrant paint colours comes together to form fabulous layered, textured backgrounds. Trish will also demonstrate different ways to add quirky rubber stamped images to enhance the distinctive backgrounds, and how to use different types of text to add those little extra details to your work.

Section Two: Finishing Touches

In this section Trish explores some of the different ways of adding finishing touches to your 3D painty artwork. Watch as wings and chain turn a painted papier mache torso into a stunning steampunk themed assemblage! Metal can be used in your painted work too, and Trish shows us how with a stunning chunky ATC with quirky metal feet and a glass topper. Think outside of the box with your art..…Trish turns a painted spool into an amazing 3D art doll swinging from a trapeze!

Section Three: Gallery

In this final section, Trish shows us lots more colourful painty art. Each inspirational piece showcases a tip or technique designed to get your creative juices flowing!

Paint is such a versatile and vibrant medium, you just can’t fail to be inspired by the tips, projects and techniques Trish shares with us throughout this painty adventure! Let your imagination and creativity be unleashed, go and ……Create With Paint!

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