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FISHER DELTA 3D PRINTER - Pre- built and tested

Everything you need to begin 3D printing!

Choose this option and receive your 3D printer built, tested and ready for use, or build it yourself by choosing product code FD3DP

• Includes FREE white roll of filament (other colours available for purchase separately)
• Designed in the UK
• Ongoing upgrades and UK support available
FREE Building the Fisher Delta guide available for download
FREE Introduction to 3D Modelling guide available for download

If you can imagine it you can print it!
Full Description

If you would prefer to assemble your printer yourself, then please order using product code FD3DP. Alternatively, our technical experts will pre-build and test your printer prior to delivery.  If you would like to take advantage of this  then please order using this option.


The Fisher Delta 3D Printer offers incredible value for money and contains everything you will need to start printing straight away (including a roll of high quality filament). It is also designed with the versatility to be updated as and when new and advanced parts are developed and become available. For example, a new heated bed is currently being developed and will shortly be available as an optional add ­on to the system. The Fisher has been designed and developed in the UK and has the distinct advantage over many of it's mass produced competitors in that each machine is designed for reliability, quality and durability and is backed up by an excellent ongoing development and customer care service.

If you are looking for an excellent quality, durable,versatile and adaptable 3D printer at an affordable price then the Fisher Delta is for you. Simple to use and with the ability to produce an infinite number of printed parts and components; it offers the capacity for future improvements as the technology develops and changes.

The Fisher Delta is strong and durable as you would expect from a UK designed machine, but in the unlikely event that you need spare parts or wish to upgrade your printer we have them ready for immediate delivery.

The completed printer fits neatly into a corner of your desk or workbench, is quiet and odour free in operation and requires only a standard mains socket for power. An Ethernet port on the printer provides control via an easy ­to­ use web interface.

Calibration: automatic bed levelling and machine calibration routine
- Layer resolution: 0.3mm ­ 0.05mm
- Build surface : Removable bed, un­cooled Buildtak print surface (For printing with PLA). Heated aluminium plate available as an upgrade, (allows printing with ABS,PETG, PC, HIPS, and many more).
- Print speed: 0.4mm nozzle, up to 16mm3/s
- Motion: Up to 250mm/s, 4000mm/s2 acceleration, segmentation free real­time delta movement
- Nozzle: 0.4mm diameter, maximum operating temperature 300oC, warm up time ~ 60secs.
- Power adapter: 100­V/240V, 60W.
- Software: Machine control: On board web interface available via ethernet, USB control also available
- Standalone printing from onboard microSD card­

- 3D model processing: Slic3r open source software (free download - no license required) can generate G Codes for the Fisher Delta from .stl or .obj 3D model files.
- Supported platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux
- Prints G Code files generated by Slic3r and other open source slicing software

- Standard 1.75mm diameter filament (ABS Plastic)

Printing material
Parts printed from the supplied roll of PLA filament are very light and extremely strong, perfect for all modelling applications; whether mechanical, structural or decorative – if you can imagine it, you can print it! Extra rolls of filament in a range of attractive colours are also available. Your first printing project is supplied with the machine and ready to go as soon as you have assembled it, so you can develop your skills straight away.

For more information or for technical support please email

Get the latest instructions at the link below:

Fisher Delta - Building commissioning and printing instructions

FREE PDFs available for download:

Building the Fisher Delta 1.0 Guide

Introduction to 3D Modelling Guide

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