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From Fabric to Quilt - An Inspirational Journey with Christine Porter

Join internationally renowned quilter Christine Porter on a fascinating personal journey From Fabric to Quilt. This is Christine's guide for those who have ever marvelled at the creativity and artistry of the top quilters, and want to know how to go about designing and producing their own beautiful and original quilts.
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Full Description
Features: The Quilting Studio; Christine gives a guided tour of her own studio, including tips on layout, equipment, fabric storage and the importance of her design wall. Inspiration; A fascinating look at how to get ideas and inspiration for quilt designs - everything from books and holiday photos to the stunning Cathedral in Christine¹s home city of Bristol. Design; A practical guide to converting inspirational ideas into practical block designs. Shopping; Join Christine on a shopping trip to buy fabrics for use in her new quilt. She shows how to choose patterns, colours and shades that will combine to make a wonderful quilt. Cutting & Sewing; Simple and accurate techniques for cutting out the pieces and assembling the blocks. Gallery; Christine describes the inspiration and design process that went into creating some of her favourite quilts. Running Time: 90 mins.

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