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GNR O2 Class 2-8-0 Locomotive: Nigel Gresley (Plan)

A 12-sheet plan by Martin Evans showing a 5" gauge GNR 2-8-0 locomotive 'Nigel Gresley'.
SKU: LO936
Full Description
This 12-sheet plan consists of:
  • Sheet 1 General arrangement, main frames.
  • Sheet 2 Buffer and drag beams, frame stretchers, horns and axleboxes, wheels and axles, pony truck, crank-pins.
  • Sheet 3 Cylinders and details, coupling rods, connecting rods, crossheads, combination levers.
  • Sheet 4 General arrangement of valve gear, motion plates, expansion links, link brackets, radius and eccentric rods. Details of cab reversing gear.
  • Sheet 5 Full details of the boiler.
  • Sheet 5a Alternative simple boiler without thermic siphon.
  • Sheet 6 Details of brake gear, cylinder draincocks, smokebox, smokebox door and ring.
  • Sheet 7 Details of cab fittings, saddle, grate, ash pan, steam and exhaust pipes and running boards.
  • Sheet 8 Details of the regulator, superheater, cab, blow down valve, buffers and vacuum brake pipe.
  • Sheet 9 Arrangement of chassis lubrication and sanding gear, safety valves, check valves, whistles, steam brake, pipe diagram.
  • Sheet 10 General arrangement of the tender. 
  • Sheet 11 Tender details, hand pump, frames, stretchers, breakgear, buffers, buffer and drag beams.