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Making Tracks (Plan)

Five sheets of illustrations by Dennis Monk that are extremely useful for any club or individual wishing to build a properly aligned ground-level railway.
SKU: M60
Full Description
This 5-sheet plan consists of:
  • Sheet 1 Setting out a circular curve, transitions, shift relationships in transition curves, expansion problems, versines, transfer crossing for reversing loop scheme, track sections and formations, superelevations, crossing details.
  • Sheet 2 Equilibrium speeds for super-elevated curves, 5 and 7-1/4 in. gauges, switches, points and turnouts for 5 and 7-1/4 in. gauges. Pointwork details for dual-gauge track, wheel standards.
  • Sheet 3 Track signalling and signals, wheel profiles, torsional stiffness of vehicles, point drive motors.
  • Sheet 4 Tyre profiles, 5 in. gauge and BR full-size locomotives.
  • Sheet 5 Buffer stop for 5 in and 3-1/2 gauge dual gauge track.