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Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up the Media

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Turn junk into precious memories! Join Kate Crane as she shows you how to turn all kinds of hoarded and recycled materials into pages for a beautiful and original Junk Journals.

Picture of Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up the Media DVD
Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up the Media DVD
Running time: Approx 100 mins
SKU: DV020
Picture of Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up the Media Blu-Ray
Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up the Media Blu-Ray
Running time: Approx 100 mins.
Full Description

In this DVD Kate gets busy with the familiar inks and paints to create the mixed media backgrounds for her Junk Journal pages. She adds lots of depth and texture by adding deli paper printed on a gelli plate and using her own hand-cut stencils.

Kate makes 6 pages in total:

The Front page

Designed in shades of teal, hot pink, pale pink and white the journal cover is created using a brayer, hand-made stamps and lots of fun doodling, scribbling and scrapes.

Page 2 Give Me A Break!

For these pages Kate creates two smaller pages to overlap in the journal, building up layers of paint.

Page 3 Six Things About Me

Kate shows you how to create a page with a pocket to contain tags for journaling. She also demonstrates extreme multi-layers and gelli print on deli paper, as well as making and using a hand-cut stencil.

Page 4 Trust The Mess

This page uses deli paper on sheet music with Acrylic ink dribbles.

Page 5 Change For No-one

See three different ways to add ink to get different effects! Learn the 'Ghost' technique using a stencil; spray with stencil; stamped background; tone on tone and print with stencil.

Page 6 Put A Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Create rough, broad strokes on brown Kraft tag. Plus Kate puts gelli print backgrounds in a scanner to show that you can print sheets to use for additional detail.

Watch Kate's backgrounds come alive with colour, texture and contrast as you discover how adding lots of can create beautifully balanced pages ready for completion in Art Journaling 6 - Junk It Up!

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